Eastar LED Light Up Single Row Tambourine

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  • Features
    • Eastar's LED illuminating tambourine is an excellent product combining gameplay and music. It emits a shining three-color light source andcan be shaked to make a loud sound. It is suitable for parties, concerts, live houses, KTV, As a sensory toy, it can be a toy for children with autism, easy to play and easy to use.
    • Three- color bright light LED, long life of light, press button to switch flashing, over-frequency flashing and alternating red, green and blue flash, fast switching flash mode, no delay, powered by three mercury-free AAA dry batteries, durable 
    • Safety tambourine:this LED tambourine uses hard non-toxic plastic. The hardness of the plastic itself is large, non-toxic and tasteless. Do not force it to be beaten during use, otherwise it will be easy to crack.
    • If there is any damage caused by the product itself, please contact us for the after-sales service. We provide 12-month product warranty and will reply you within 24 hours.
    • Included : Eastar LED Tambourine x 1, AAA batteryx3
  • Product Description


    Eastar Would Never Disappoint You.

    Although this product has a certain toy nature, it can provide excellent visual effects and sound experience in the music atmosphere and performance activities. 1: By normal circumstances, the fully charged 3 AAA batteries can meet the usage of the tambourine for more than 2 hours. To replace the battery, you need to use a screwdriver to open the battery compartment cover, which can effectively prevent children from misleading eating. 2: Three kinds of flash modes can meet the application of different scenes, and can also attract the attention and interest of young children. 3: The product itself is not waterproof, and should not let the tambourine touch the water.

    Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.

  • Specifications
    1. Color: Colorful 
    2. Size:9"(23cm) x 5"(7cm)
    3. Item Weight:200g/0.44lb 
    4. Light Way:LED 
    5. Lights :5 
    6. Battery:AAA x 3pic 
    7. Flash Way:Wyper strobe, flashing, and alternating red-green-blue. 
    8. Package Size:7(L) x5.8(W)x 1.4(H)Inches/ 22(L) x 21(W)x 3.5(H)CM 


  • Package included

    1 x Eastar LED Tambourine 

    3 x AAA battery 

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