Eastar ESMF-1 Sheet Music Concert Choral Folder

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  • Features

    Premium Concert Choral Folder :High quality PU leather, waterproof, strong and more durable,Size:13.5' (35 cm) x 10.5' (27 cm) x 2-3/4' (7 cm), functional brass corner, also meeting the requirements of standard A4 paper and Letter size, max effective loose-leaf 200-page , very suitable chorus folder.

    Expansion function: 2 expansion pockets, 10-inch (25.5cm) wide inner pages, each for 200 pages by design, flexible pen pockets to hold a pencil and a medium-sized pen. Business card bag on the left.

    Multi-function: dual-purpose (1) Choir Folder: 110° Opening for One Hand during holding position; with 8'(20.5cm) clean handle and internal fixing band; (2) 180 flat opening for music/piano folder

    Humanized design: equipped with 1.2' 4-ring blind paper (can accommodate to max 150 pages of standard carbon paper-A4 & Letter size), each chorus clip is equipped with 15 double flour transparent plastic loose sheets (can be changeable with pen).

    Content: 1 x ESMF-1 Sheet Music Folder, 15 x sheets.

  • Product Description

    Eastar Would Never Disappointed You.

    Eastar ESMF-1 Sheet Music Folder is an excellent music clip with perfect functions.

    1: Two usage modes:

    A: choir chorus, which can be unfolded at 110° , equipped with a single hand grip with a suitable length of hand strap, suitable for people of various hand sizes.

    B: Piano, electronic organ music clip, which can be unfolded at 180°。

    2: 2 expanded horizontal inner bags, which can hold up to 300 pages of music scores .

    3:4-ring binder, equipped with 15 sheets of expanded double flour loose-clip, which can be modified with pens.

    Chose Eastar, you will have 8- month of Limited Warranty Support.

  • Specifications

    1.Color: Black
    2.Type: Choir Folder/Piano Folder
    4.Expended Pockets:2 (max 300-pics)
    5.Expend Clips:15 with double flour
    6.Material:Non-toxic \Poly Urethane
    7.Item Weight:0.4086lb/0.9kg
    8.Package Size:13.5' (35 cm) x 10.5' (27 cm) x 2-3/4' (7 cm)   

  • Package included

    1 x ESMF-1 Sheet Music Folder,
    15 x sheets

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