Eastar ERD-AS2F/2.5F/3F Eb Saxophone Traditional Reeds, 10-pack

SKU: EB0097

Strength: 2


  • Features

    Moving Voice -- The EASTAR ERD series of clarinet reeds are the top-level product under EASTAR's years of enthusiasm, professional knowledge and outstanding technology. Having a price that ordinary students can afford while having a warm and elastic voice.

    Beautiful Appearance -- American file cut design, and suitable for the performance of POP music and Funk music.

    Advanced Craft -- The manufacturing accuracy is as high as 1 / 100 mm.In the best production environment, each reed is produced in better humidity environment.After ultraviolet disinfection, each of the reeds was packed with independent moisture-proof packaging.

    Advanced Material -- After more than a year of natural growth and two years of air-drying, obtained high-quality Reeds.Has the natural Reed high quality vibration characteristic.

    The Package Contains --10 x Eastar ERD-AS2F Saxophone Reeds(Strength 2),User Manual, Hard Colorful Box, 12-Month After-sales Service.More Details Scan Our Website.

  • Product Description

    Eastar Would Never Disappointed You.

    Eastar's reeds has advantages that other products do not have. 1: Eastar's reeds materials are taken from temperate and subtropical zones with very suitable temperature and humidity, and naturally grow without human intervention. 2. High precision CNC lathe production, manual selection of defective products, non-conforming products, to ensure that each piece of sentinel can achieve the most ideal state.3. Disinfection by ultraviolet light, independent moisture-proof packaging, to prevent the reeds from damages of transportation and storage.

    Note: The reeds are consumable product, which should be properly moistened with water before trying, cleaned and dried after use and put into special box, which can help extend the life of the reeds.

    Chose Eastar, you will have12-Month after-sales service support.

  • Specifications
    1. Color:Natural
    2. Strength:2/2.5/3
    3. Style:French File
    4. Level:Beginning& Intermediate Level Instrument
    5. Material:Bulrush
    6. Item Weight:11 lb/0.050kg
    7. Package Size:7(L) x 2.8(W)x 1.3(H)Inches/12(L) x 7(W)x 3.3(H)CM
    8. Carrying Case Material:Green Rubber


  • Package included

    10 x Individual Saxophone Reeds With Portable Cases And Package(French Style-Size 3").

    1 x User Manual

    1 x Hard-packed Colorful Box 


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