Eastar ECL-300 B Flat Clarinet Black Ebonite Clarinet Set

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  • Features

    • Moving Voice-- Eastar ECL-300 student clarinets have a steady and pleasant voice and a reliable Designed for beginners or intermediate learners.
    • Beautiful Appearance-- Elegant Bakelite body with nickel-plated keys, beautiful ring-wrapped bell mouth, good-looking and
    • Practical Design-- Featuring the Boehm 17 key system: good key response and smooth playability.The cylindrical bore:also produces strong projection and a wide range of tones. The double connections: 62MM and 65MM's mouthpiecesconnector are very useful for adjusting  clarinets tuning no matter indoor, outdoor or winter and summer
    • Advanced Material-- High level ABS Bakelite: bright sound ,stable vibration, easy to maintain but hard to craze. Bladder pads: made of Italian felt double sheep casings which are generally used in performance level flutes leading to good elasticity ,air tightness and longlfe . Needle spring: memory needle spring made of NAS high-carbon steel, quick reaction, good elasticity, not easy to deform.
    • The Package Contains-- ECL-300 Student Clarinet,4C Mouthpiece, Metal Ligature , Mouthpiece Protective Cap ,2 x Mouthpieces Connector ,8 x Occlusion Rim, 2 x Thumb Sheath, Clarinet Swabs, Clarinet Stand, 2 x Practice Reeds(Size 2.5"), Black Resin Reeds(Size 2.5"), Joint Grease, Cloth, White Glove Hardness Case.12-Month Product Warranty.
  • Product Description&gt

    Eastar Would Never Disappointed You.

    Anyway, the combination of elegant ABS Bakelite body and nickel-plated keys. Eastar ECL-300 clarinet boasts a beautiful design and sound while maintaining a low price point, making it the band's best choice for students and others learn to play clarinets. Student musicians will find that the Eastar ECL-300 clarinet is a reliable, easy-to-play instrument that has very good facilities and durability. The Boehm 17 key system .Eastar clarinet provides good response and smooth playability for band students. Thousands of tutors support the clarinet.

    Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.

  • Specifications
    • Color:Nickel Plated Keys
    • Key:Key Of Bb
    • Level:Beginning& Intermediate Level Instrument
    • Material:ABSEbonite
    • Item Weight:9lb/1.8kg
    • Package Size:9(L) x 4.7(W)x 9(H)Inches/43(L) x 12(W)x 23(H)CM
    • Carrying Case Material:Pro-deluxe Durable Plush-lined Nylon Covered Light Weight Hard Case.
    • UPC:747356961660  


  • Package included
    • 1 x ECL-300 Student Clarinet(Nickel Plated Keys)
    • 1 x 4C Mouthpiece
    • 1 x Metal Ligature
    • 1 x Mouthpiece Protective Cap
    • 2 x Mouthpieces Connector 
    • 8 x Occlusion Rim
    • 2 x Thumb Sheath
    • 1 x Clarinet Swabs
    • 1 x Clarinet Stand
    • 2 x Practice Reeds(Size 2.5")
    • 1 x Black Resin Reeds(Size 2.5")
    • 1 x Joint Grease
    • 1 x Cloth
    • 1 x White Gloves
    • 1 x Pro-deluxe Durable Plush-lined Nylon Hard Case

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