Donner Sound Seeker DSS-3 Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup Cello Banjo Ukulele Mandolin Guitar Microphone Pickup

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  • Features

    This is a passive pickup, do not need batteries, vibration pickup, the use of simple and convenient installation.

    This product is widely used. Such as: national guitar, classical guitar, ukulele, guitarLele, wood bass, cello, violin, Vida and bass, fiddle, Dobro, erhu, Guzheng, Chinese zither, cajon, steel drums. Xinjiang instruments, Inner Mongolia instruments, suitable for western music and folk instruments.

    Easy external installation

    Green glue is used repeatedly (temporary use of glue), can be affixed to the instrument's face or vibration moderate position.

    The other two thin double-sided glue can not be affixed to the instrument outside the panel, because it can not be affixed down, forcing the demolition will damage the instrument.

  • Introduction

    Easy external installation

    Use the green reusable glue, in the bottom of copper pickup by hand, pressing a thin green external glue layerstuck on the musical instruments, or feel vibrations on themusical instruments, usually attached to a moderate position on the musical insturments, End pin is equipped with a fixed buckle, the buckle with pickup is sticking on the output convenient location.

  • Internal setup

    On the strengthenposition of musical instruments (the straps position of the bottom of guitar) or instrument output convenient location) drill the holes with 12MM to install the pickup screw, remove the nut of pickup output socket screws with the handle, sticking out the socket screws from the internal of guitar.

    Fix upon the nut and pack hat (mind the strengthening of the instrument, because the thickness &length are difference)after installed pickup screws, use sealing tape to paste your pickup parts with dust stuck out above the surface of the instrument, remove the dust Can also use the towel, the interior is permanently installed so equipped with special double- sided adhesive on the bottom of the first copper pickup, and then hand pickup attached to the clean just need to install the position, and then use the cable to set the pickup and fixed on the back or side of guitar to avoid the noise.

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