Donner guitar pick Nostalgia series

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  • Features

    1.Sixteen Quality Celluloid Picks - Classic guitar pick shape, 8 beautiful different art paintings design.

    2. Four Different Thicknesses - Thin (0.46mm); Medium (0.71mm) ; Heavy (0.96mm); Extra Heavy (1.2mm).

    3. Delicate Metal Box - Presented in a Unique Luxury Metal 'Click-Clack' Box that fits easily into your pocket.

    4.Pick Holder - Come with a unique quality leather key chain pick holder.

    5.Wonderful Gift - A Stunning Natural Kraft Gift Box - a ready-made gift for family and friends.

  • Introduction

    Who said giving a Donner Guitar Pick as gift wasn't cool?

    With sixteen cool celluloid picks in four different thicknesses and featuring 8 beautiful different art paintings design , conveniently stored in a metal "click clack" box, what more could a picker ask for?

    Best Unique Art Gifts for Guitarist and Musicians!

  • About the material

    Celluloid was first introduced in the early 1900's as a substitute for natural tortoise shell picks, it is known for providing a natural feel and warm, fat tone.Donner guitar pick even offer more choice in pattern.

    Gift :Cool Guitar Pick

    Donner Guitar Pick is a practical gift for any guitar or bass player, the Donner pick box set takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift for any guitar or bass player.

  • Package included

    16 x Donner Guitar Pick
    1 x Pick Holder Case

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