Donner DKA-20 AMP 20-Watt Keyboard Amplifier

SKU: EC1257

Country: USA

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Product Description

Donner DKA-20 20W Keyboard Amplifier provides explosive tone with intuitive controls. The Volume controls how loud your amplifier is. The Treble/ Middle /Bass controls help you shape the high and low frequencies of your Keyboard tone. The DKA-20 features a 8-inch Special Design Low Frequency speaker and 2-inch Special Design High frequency speaker . Jam along with your favorite tracks by simply plugging your MP3 player into the Auxiliary input and you instantly become part of the band and /or practice privately with the 1/8" headphone output jack that also mutes the speaker output. Closed-back design gives a heavier bass response. The edge is surrounded by hard material, protecting the amplifier from damage and pad of rubber makes it stand safe and stable.DI output port for external active speakers



  • Color: Black
  • Max Output: 20Watt
  • rated power¡êoLF-20W HF-5W
  • Frequency response range¡êo20-22khz
  • Input gain/input impedance:-48dB/10K|?
  • Speaker: 8-inch woofer, 2-inch tweeter 4 Omega
  • Dimension: 33.8CM * 23.8CM * 294CM
  • Power Supply: DC Adapter 18A 3A
  • Net Weight: 5.3kg

    Package included:

    • 1 x Donner DKA-20 20w Keyboard Amplifier
    • 1 x 6.35mm Male to Male Mono Cable
    • 1 x Audio Stereo Plug 6.35 mm Male to 3.5 mm Female
    • 1 x User Manual

      Unique Design

      Donner DKA-20 AMP comes with a Custom Perforated Grill Mesh Sheet.Rich and practical audio interface.Rugged housing makes it durable.

      Angled back design provides a comfortable listening experience.

      Supporting microphone Input

      The maximum gain is 48dB, supporting microphone input, and the tone is clean and warm.

      Frequency response ranges from 50 to 20KHZ.

      Soft and stable sound, less tone dyeing, strong reduction.Convenient for playing and singing performances

      Practical audio interface

      Two 1/4" Instrument Input, 3-Band EQ, 1/8" Auxiliary Input Jack for Jam-Along with Media Player or CD, 1/8" Headphone Output Jack for Silent Practice.DI output port for external active speakers

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