Donner DAS-20L Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Soft Hexagonal High Carbon Steel Strings Set, Light Tension for Beginner,11-50

SKU: EC5012

Size: 1-pack


  • Features

    High-quality material - made of stainless steel, steel hardness of the string beads, good elasticity, not easy to deform

    Stable sound quality - High-quality strings are more stable when playing, not easy to go out of tune. and the vibration is even when the strings are played, and the sound is better transmitted to resonance boxes.

    Hexagonal steel core strings - with hexagonal steel core vibration balance, the winding technology meets international standards, giving you a more stable performance.

    Widely applicable - suitable for various types of resonance boxes such as D, J, OM, etc. Whether it is mahogany, rosewood or maple, this string can show satisfactory dynamics and comfortable feel.

    Anti-oxidation coating - significantly extends the life of the strings and provides a comfortable feel. Any product problems can be contacted by our customer service, we will answer your questions.


  • Product description

    Donner provides high-quality musical instruments to more than 600,000 music lovers every year. It has been exported to Canada, Britain, Germany, Japan and other developed countries for many years. With the quality control and high stability of the products, it is appreciated By the insiders and loved by music lovers.

    Donner DAS-20L Acoustic Guitar Strings-


    Donner is made of 92% copper, 7.7% tin, 0.3% phosphorus wire. It has a soft, delicate, full of sound. The string gauges in this acoustic string set include: Plain Steel 0.28mm(0.011in),0.38mm(0.015in), Phosphor Bronze Wound:0.61mm(0.024in), 0.81mm(0.032in), 1.07mm(0.042in), 1.27mm(0.050in).

    After hundreds of tests, Donner finally customized a set of strings with excellent performance. It is Donner exclusive string specification.

    High frequency area: E1 and B2 are used in finer specifications to bring brighter and more prominent high-frequency, and more favorable for pushing strings.

    Medium frequency zone: use the conventional 024~032 to make up for the lack of high frequency in the strings, so that the intermediate frequency can better connect the high frequency.

    Low frequency range: different from the common 040~052 combination, using 042~050 better over-intermediate frequency, finer bass strings ensure the feel while avoiding low frequency turbidity.
    Suitable for different materials of the resonance box:

    Equipped with a full mahogany body: thick / warm

    Equipped with spruce mahogany body: bright / mellow

    Equipped with spruce rosewood body: bright / balanced

  • Specifications

    Material: 92% copper+7.7% tin+0.3% phosphorus wire

    String specification: 0.11-0.50in


  • Package include

    1 x Donner DAS-20L guitar string

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