Donner 9v Battery Clip Converter Cable, Guitar Effect Pedal Power Cable for Outdoor Performances.(3/6 Pack)

SKU: EC2001

Size: 6-pack


  • Features

    Very convenient-You don't have to rely on plug power to power your non-battery guitar effects, so that you can perform around the world.

    Generally applicable-Great for micro guitar pedals with 5.5mm 2.1mm male plug and negative center.They work perfect if your board has more pedals than your power brick. 

    Stable power-You can use a separate battery for each guitar pedal, so that the power supply will not be affected, and the guitar pedal effect is stable.

    High quality sound-The most pure electric current can be obtained by using the battery. That can reduce pedal noise to a minimum.

    Friendly customer service-Any product problem we can give you a solution, your advice is our driving force.


  • Product description

    Donner is a brand of musical instrument accessories. Our mission is simple, to provide innovative accessories at affordable, competitive prices and making them accessible for all musicians to enjoy their music.

    Outdoor performances without a plug power? Don't worry! the Donner 9V battery power cable is your best choice. You only need to buy a 9V battery in any store, and then with this power cord, the music feast can begin.

    Do you feel restricted by traditional power sources? Don't worry! The Donner 9V battery power cord can help you get out of the narrow room. Bring your guitar and guitar effects to travel with you.

    Guitar effect sound is not good? Don't worry! Donner 9v battery power supply line can give you guitar pedal with a dedicated power supply. Current is stabilized so that your pedal can obtain the best sound.


  • Specifications

    Product specification: DC 5.5mm*2.1mm

    Wire specifications: 2464 24AWG X2C

    Load range: 3V-36V

    Material: ABS

    Length: 12CM


  • Package Contents

    3 * 9v Battery Clip Converter Cable

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