Moukey MwmU-1 professional rechargeable dual UHF wireless microphone system

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  • Features

    Moukey MwmU-1 professional rechargeable dual UHF wireless microphone system with HD TFT dynamic display, adjustable 300-channel 262-foot long Karaoke Church Party Outdoor wedding,Stage.

    ♫ Prevent Interference:UHF902~928MHz, 50 groups 300 frequency points can be selected to avoid interference.ID identification technology: When the microphone is turned off, the receiver will not receive external signal interference and produce noise.

    ♫ Color Dynamic TFT HD Screen: Helps you get the best visual effect when you operate multiple functions inside, and monitor the microphone status at any time.

    ♫ Unique spectrum display technology: unique and practical functions, automatic scanning, one-click search frequency, easy to use.  

    ♫ 18500 lithium battery: charging time is about 3 hours; use time is about 8 hours; repeat charging times more than 500 times. Wide working area: 131-262 feet (30-80 meters) visible range, additional 2 XLR separate output and a 1/4" / 6.35mm hybrid output.

    ♫ NOTE: Please unplug the insulation sheet in the battery compartment of the handheld microphone when using for the first time.Please use the “SCAN” function to find a frequency point without any interference for 1 minute. Especially for large on-site activities.Of course, it is also suitable for churches, DJ KJ stages, birthday weddings or family gatherings, conferences, classrooms, karaoke nights, etc.

  • Product Description

    The Moukey MwmU-1 is a professional-grade wireless microphone system. With up to 300 frequencies to choose from, you can avoid the trouble of frequency interference when you use it.

    Unique spectrum display technology, automatic scanning, one-click search frequency, easy to use.

    The receiver uses a color TFT display that is more intuitive and convenient to use. The multi-function control menu function is included, allowing you to freely adjust a variety of functions.

    The transmitter (handheld microphone) uses a lithium battery that can be charged to the receiver using a strap cable.Working Range in wide-open area: 131-262 feet (30-80 meters) visible range. Suitable for all scenes.


    1. You will need an extra audio equipment like speaker to connect with this product to make the sound working.

    2. Please keep the receiver away from the metal or any digital devices (such as computers, cellphones, etc.) to avoid potential sources of interference.

    3.The receiver should be more than 1m from the ground. Please avoid to be against a wall.

    4.Please do not use the microphone facing the receiver too closely, in order to avoid noise interference.

    5. Please do not flap the microphone head with hand, or it would be damaged.

    6. Please charge for more than 3 hours when using for the first time.

    7. For safety, we suspend its function when the handheld microphone is charging.

  • Specification

    Carrier frequency band: UHF902~928MHz
    Bandwidth: 30MHz
    The number of preset groups: 50 groups, each group has 6 frequency points, a total of 300.
    Dynamic range: 90dB
    Distortion: <0.5%
    Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
    Receive sensitivity: -95dBm
    Power supply: DC12V-18V 1A
    Audio output interface: 1 x 6.35mm output, 2 x XLR balanced output

    Transmitter (handheld microphone):
    Carrier frequency band: UHF902~928MHz
    Bandwidth: 30MHz
    Frequency switching: infrared synchronizationOutput power: 30mV
    Harmonic radiation: <-50dBc
    Use battery: 18500 lithium battery section
    Battery life: about 8 hours.

    Model (Type): ICR18500E
    Capacity: 1200mAh
    Charge voltage:4.2V±0.05V
    Charge time: about 3 hours
    Repeated charging times:more than 500 times
    Length of use: about 8 hours

    Net Weight:4.25 lb / 1.93KG
    Package dimensions:14.96(L)x 11.42 (W) x 2.64 (H)inch / 38 x 29 x 6.7CM

  • Product Video

  • Package Included

    1 x Receiver
    2 x Wireless handheld microphone
    2 x 18500 lithium battery
    1 x Audio Line
    1 x USB interface charging cable
    1 x user's manual

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