Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Kit with Drum Throne , Sticks, Headphone And Audio Cable, More Stable Iron Metal Support, Deluxe Mesh Kit

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  • Features

    1.Loyal to the acoustic drum sampling of the real drum, test and adjust the details of each timbre repeatedly , making the sound more realistic and excellent , shorten the shock response to the extreme to avoid the sound delay. Can practice at home or for band performances!

    2.The more delicate 8-inch all mesh drumhead, the feel is close to the real drum , helping you to practice as a good drummer.

    3.The 12-inch silicone cymbal has a stable and well-distributed tone response at any position of the cymbal. The collapsible iron metal stand is more stable and safe.

    4.225 timbre, 30 demo song, can be connected to MP3 to play songs,.Easy to practice, wearing headphones will not disturb others.

    5.Configuration : 8’’ Tom-tom×3 , 8’’ Snare×1, 10’’ Hi-Hat×1, 12’’ Ride ×1, 12’’ Crash×1,8" Kick drum×1, Kick Pedal×1, Hi-Hat Pedal×1

  • Product Description

    DED-200 uses French DREAM's sampling technology, uses digital technology to record the sound of real instruments, rigorously collects the sound quality of the original sound drum, efficient software algorithms and chip computing efficiency, can avoid sound delay and repetition, 225 timbre can satisfy your jazz, rock, blues, punk and other styles of demand, whether it is practice or stage performance, can perfectly match the band.

    It is also very suitable for beginners to practice, Donner DED-200 can help you become a better drummer! Eight-inch durable all-mesh drumhead, the average life test of the laboratory reaches 200,000 times. The unique mesh drumhead hoop technology can solve the problem of mesh deformation and slackness.

    The Donner DED-200 mesh is more delicate and dense. It has a better feel and a longer life. An accurate and balanced performance experience between the drumhead and the drum edge using the dual-trigger technology of years of commissioning by experienced engineers.

    The cymbal is injection molded from a specified material that delivers shock vibration to the sensor. Custom sensors have high sensitivity, dynamic response and anti-interference characteristics. The Donner steel drum stand is steady and safer. We pay attention to every screw, so that we can firmly fix each drum, so that you can concentrate more on the world of music.

    You need to adjust to your preferred position according to your personal preferences before playing. If you need to practice your favorite songs, you can connect your computer or MP3. We have headphones, and Donner DED-200 are more suitable for practicing at home, lowering the volume than the acoustic drums with louder decibels. When you need to perform outside, you can fold the stand to save a lot of space and it is more convenient.

  • Specifications

    Size: 73cm * 82cm * 40cm
    Weight: 18kg
    Cymbal material : silicon & plastic
    Drumhead material : nylon
    Other material: iron
    Power adapter: 9V/DC , 1A

  • Package included

    ATTENTION:After opining the packing,please check whether it contains all the items immediately. If there are any omissions,please inform us.

    Support frame *1
    Sound module*1
    Module bracket*1
    Module screw*4
    Cymbal strut*3
    Drum strut*4
    Hi-hat pedal*1
    Supporting parts*1
    Fixed parts*1
    Fastening screw*10
    Stick hammer*1
    Kick pedal*1
    Drum sticks*1
    Signal connection line*1
    Power adapter*1
    Bolt driver*1
    Inner six angle*1
    Drum key*1
    Drum throne*1
    Drum sticks*1
    Instrument cable*1

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