Donner Ddp-100 Digital Piano , Weighted Key With Furniture Stand ,Power Adapter, 3 Pedals ,And Instruction,Black

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  • Features

    1.Donner 88-key full weight digital piano, precisely matching the finger strength changes, restore the true piano's finger strength, more stable and feel better.

    2. Test and adjust the details of timbre repeatedly , making the sound more realistic and excellent, help you develop a keen ability to distinguish sound.

    3. Input and play MP3, built-in amplifier, support external sound or headphone to meet the needs of different occasions.

    4. Streamlined design, wooden cabinet with sliding key cover to protect the key.

    5. 128 polyphony , have one pure tones sampled from real acoustic grand pianos . Guarantee the quality of your practice and performance.

  • Product Description

    Donner aim to create new experiences in music and performance. Relying on its strong and efficient research & development team, Donner is resolved to continue to create innovative and excellent instruments which maintain the high quality that inspires professional artists and creators.

    Just make your own music with Donner digital piano!Donner DDP-100 88 key full-size heavy hammer weighted key, which truly restores the real feel of the original piano, cultivates your interest in the piano, helps you train a good performance posture, and makes progress in the fastest time.

    Donner DDP-100 pure tone piano, using AWM sampling, more realistically restored the sound of the original grand piano, can effectively train the ability to distinguish sound.Whether you are on stage or room , you can play your favorite music through headphones and amplifier, immersed in the world of music.

  • Specifications 

    Power adapter:12V/DC ,3A

    Size : 146cm * 48cm * 43.5cm

    Weight: 48kg

    Key material: plastic & ABS

    Body material: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

    Pedal material: metal

    Other material: wire, wood,plastic

  • Package included

    Digital piano *1
    Power adapter*1
    Pedal plate bridge*1
    Left and right supporting plate*1
    Left and right supporting column*2
    Black fixed plate*1

  • Instructions download 

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