Moukey MEP-120 Electronic Keyboard Piano 88 keys, Piano keyboard

SKU: MK2020

Country: USA
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Moukey MEP-120 Beginner Keyboard Piano 88 Keys Full-Size-Weighted Digital Keyboard with Sustain Pedal, Power Supply

Product Features
LCD display
The MEP-120 panel is equipped with a clear LCD display screen, so all the functions in use can be seen on the screen, making the function operation easier.
High-quality sound
MEP-120 has built-in 36 kinds of high-quality tones, intelligent sampling sound source, each tone gives you a real musical instrument sound experience. Rich high-quality tones also help to stimulate creative inspiration.
Silent mode
MEP-120 can be connected to headphones (headphone jack is 6.35mm, you need to bring your own) to turn on the silent mode, you can practice at home without affecting your family or neighbors.
Powerful Speakers
MEP-120 has two built-in 25W high-quality speakers with powerful bass effect, which perfectly brings out the high-quality sound source in the device. At the same time, you can connect to Bluetooth and play your favorite music.
Rich accessories
The MEP-120 package contains a sustain pedal, piano bag, adapter, and manual music stand.
Strong compatibility
1. Headphone jack (6.35mm)
2. Audio output (6.35mm)
3. Power interface
5. Sustain pedal interface
6. Audio input

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