Donner DEP-45 Digital Piano Electric 88 Key Keyboard with Full Size Semi Weighted, Keyboard Stand

SKU: EC3071+EC3072

Country: USA

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Dual Keyboard

DEP-45 is powerful, especially suitable for teaching or beginners to learn it. It have dual keyboard function can make a teaching activity side by side.

Dual Voice

At the same time, the keyboard is suitable for music creator. The dual voice function can play two different tones in one keyboard just like a band show.

MIDI Connection

DEP-45 has the function of MIDI connection, which can connect the piano with the computer or other external devices, you can edit the music with the music software in the device.

High quality zinc alloy sustain pedal

We also provide professional single sustain pedal , which restores to real piano performance, make your performance alive.

Standard Piano Keyboard With Music Stand

The keyboard restores the touch of traditional piano wooden keyboard, which corrects playing postures, gives you a feeling of freely flowing style and helps you grasp playing skills of various strength styles.

Keyboard Stand Included

There is a X keyboard stand including in the package. There are five heights for you to choose from, so that you can take the piano out to perform, or practice and store at home.


Power adapter:12V/DC ,2A

Size : 50.3in*12in*3.7in

Weight: 16lb

Key material: plastic & ABS

Body material:Plastic

Pedal material: metal

Other material: wire,plastic

Polyphonies(max): 128

Package included:
  • Digital piano X 1
  • Power Adapter X 1
  • Sustain Pedal X 1
  • Music Stand X 1
  • Manual X 1
  • keyboard stand X 1

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