Eastar 14-Inch Snare Drum Beginner Kit, Starry Black

SKU: EB0332

Country: USA
Color: Starry Black
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10 Tension Rods
Having ten tension rods give you a great amount of flexibility and control over your snare sound. Compared with 8 tension rod designs, this design is more stable, sound adjustments are finer, and there are more sound options.
Drum Mute Pad
The included mute pad can be used for quiet practice when placed on the drum skin. Using this pad, you can practice without disturbing others.
Rubber Tipped Arms
Having rubber tips on the snare stand arms gives you the ability to hold the drum tightly without damaging it or interfering with the sound.
Snare Drum Bag
    The snare drum bag is convenient for storing and carrying both the snare drum and the snare drum stand.

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