Donner Tri-pop super easy-to-learn 3 strings guitar

SKU: EC1430

Country: USA
Color: Red
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Take Your Tri-Pop Everywhere

The Tri-Pop is much lighter than a full-sized guitar but with more texture than a ukulele. It's easy to handle, no matter your size or age, and comes in six delightful colors. Wherever adventure calls, your Tri-Pop will follow.

Same Skills as a Conventional Guitar

The Tri-Pop helps you master the same basic skills as a conventional guitar while providing a more accessible introduction to chord shapes, making your transition to a full-stringed guitar a breeze. So now, who's ready to become a guitar hero? 

Complete Set of Accessories

In addition to a set of 24 chord cards and a tutorial book, the Tri-Pop comes with everything you need. Packaged with a gig bag, strap, tuner, strings, and patch cable, you'll be ready to play the moment it arrives. 

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