Donner Soph Gate Intelligent Noise Gate Effects Loop Pedal

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Donner Soph Gate is an intelligent noise gate and effect loop pedal that gives you a noise-free and full dynamic performance.
With the intelligent noise gate algorithm, it can fully reduce the unwanted noise whatever you are using some distortion pedals or a high gain big noise amplifier.
Send and return FX loop for patching noisy pedals or amplifier through or creatively sidechaining in other audio signals, provide you a satisfied noise cutting instrument playing solution.
Faster Noise Gate Pedal
Hold switch to control the least time the gate must stay open after the threshold is exceeded.
Quick=1ms. Slow=100ms
Versatile Noise Gate Pedal
Threshold/Attack/Return/Release knob and Quick/Slow switch make Donner Soph Gate be a more efficient smart gate pedal.
Footswitch to engages and disengages the effect and side chain, helps to dial in/cut off right at the perfect time.
Clear at one glance
LED indicates the effect and the gate working state.
True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss.
Noise Gate with effects loop
Effect loop for patching noisy pedals or amplifier through or creatively sidechain in other audio signals.

Send: Connect to the input of distortion pedal, amplifier, or the beginning of your effects loop to achieve side chain.
Return: Connect to the output of distortion pedal, amplifier (preamp output), or the end of your effects loop to achieve side chain.
Output: Effect output for connection to amp or other devices.
Input: Connecting to the input device or instrument.
Note: Please use a power adapter with a voltage of DC9V, an internal negative and external positive polarity and a current of 200mA or more to power your pedal. Failure to do so can cause serious situations where the product does not work or is damaged.

Donner Soph Gate Pedal Donner Vintaverb Pedal Donner Island Pedal
Effect Noise Gate Reverb Delay&Looper
Power Supply 9V DC 9V DC 9V DC


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