Donner Wireless Page Turner Pedal for Tablets Ipad Rechargeable

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Color: Black
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Donner wireless pedal is a perfect controller fitted with Mac, PC, iPad or Android tablet. It is for taking control of music reading, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting or media control, and so on.

High Quality

10+ meters wireless range. 50+ hours on a single charge using the built-in rechargeable battery. Reliable, turn one page only with one tread , precision. Convenient and simple, blue-teeth control, more safe without strings. Easy usage, no instalation, no extra setting, only press the button you need, and that page turned.

5 modes for control

On the center panel are five buttons representing five modes.The different mode are used to send different commands to your favorite app and selected device .Left & right foot switches emulate including Left/Right arrow keys, page up/down, Left/Right mouse clicks and Space/Enter keys.(Note:different apps use different modes,so make sure to experiment with the different mode to determine which works with your favorite app.

Not Just For One

Works with many apps for Apple iOS, iPhone, ipad and ipod, wireless equipped Android devices, PC’s and MAC’s. Reading apps including: forScore, OnSong, NextPage, MusicReader4, Teleprompt+3, Paperless Music, piaScore, DD GigBook and many more simply by turning on the unit. Please note that some apps may cost extra costs.

Step 1

Open your device,Settings--Bluetooth--Click the “Bluetooth” icon to turn on the Bluetooth function.

Step 2

When Bluetooth search goes out “Bluetooth Music Pedal” ,click it. When the system prompts “Connected”, the pairing is successful.

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