Donner 1 Pair Bunch Rods Drumsticks with 19 Fine Birch Dowels Intended for Drum Kit Use, Purple Smooth Grip for Easy Use

SKU: EC2055

Country: USA
Color: Red
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Donner Birch Bunch Rods Drumsticks
Non-sharp Edge
No damage to the drum skin. Can produce gentle sound of drum, suitable for some jazz, new style music genres
Extended Wrap
Drumsticks are more durable and sound is better. By hitting this part, a powerful drum sound can be produced
Smooth Grip
It's comfortable to use, no stabs. Long-term use, will not slip due to sweat
Material: Birch

Size: 40cm / 15.7 inch

Diameter: 1.3 cm / 0.51 inch

Weight: 52 g
Package included:
  • 2 * Donner Bunch Rods Drumsticks

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