Promotion points:

Looking for a cost-effective power supply for the pedals? DP-1 is highly recommended and has always been our best selling product!

Hot-selling DUB-1 is back too, but only available for United States currently .If you don't know about it much , you can search related videos on the YouTube .You will like it !

Black DMX can be perfectly hidden in your stage equipment, so it is not easy to find out which as you expect. We pick up the built-in battery type for promotion.

ABY BOX pedal and ANALOG Distortion pedal are Donner new pedals ,these are the promotional price in the new early price.

DT Tuner has always been a stable demand , in order to repay your support, it is added into the promotion today!

About Eastar brand , there is a meaning about the brand name : East+star, the eastar flute series has always been eastar's main product .If you play flute or want to learn flute, it will be a good choice.

MCM-1 and MW-m3 are Moukey new products .MCM-1 is a good helper in video such as Vlog shooting , MW-m3 is the key
product of Moukey brand , it can be used in many occasions,must not be missed .

Moukey page turner is the another type page turner ,which there is a design with full of foot feeling ,
so when you click the pedal which will make an audible click.

In addition, a tool-type product is included-MMS-1 ,Music Stand,which includes lights and other accessories.
Ultra-low price, just one day!

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