Donner DEP-45 Beginner Digital Piano, 88 Key Electric Keyboard Piano, Portable Electric Piano Keyboard W/Sustain Pedal, Bluetooth MIDI, Supports PC/Tablet/Cell Phone Connecting, Headphone Audio Output

SKU: EC3070+EC3072

Country: USA
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128 Polyphony & 5.0 Bluetooth
Utilizing the latest technology and loaded with 128 polyphony which effectively reproduces the sound of an acoustic piano and reduces losing voice when you using the 88 key keyboard digital piano
10 Tones include: Acoustic Grand Piano, Bright Acoustic Piano, Electric Grand Piano, Harpsichord, Church Organ, Rock Organ, Strings Ensemble, Guitar, Bass, Pad
You can select the Bluetooth name of this piano in the MIDI setting interface of the external device or software compatible with this piano to complete the connection.
Multiple functions & Comfortable Keyboard Touch
More convenient regulation and more functions. The piano keyboard restores the touch of a traditional piano wooden keyboard, which corrects playing postures, gives you a feeling of freely flowing style, and helps you grasp playing skills of various strength styles
Dual Keyboard & Double Tone Setting
Donner DEP-45 digital electric piano has Dual Keyboard and Double Tone Setting functions, which divide the keyboard into two parts, you can play two different tones at the same time. These functions can make your music more sundry and wonderful, or even gives inspiration to your creation
High-quality zinc alloy sustain pedal
We also provide professional high-quality zinc alloy single sustain pedal, which restores to real piano performance. Use with DEP-45 digital piano makes your performance alive, compose a brilliant musical chapter...

Play Donner DEP-45 Digital Piano with families, friends, lover

Playing piano keyboard with family, friends, and the lover is just plain fun! When we are playing, when the right notes just come out of us, seemingly as if by magic… when we can feel ourselves getting better,r day by day and even moment by moment, it is a real thrill. Donner Portable Digital Piano makes it easier and faster for us to enjoy the charm of the music world with family, friends, the lover.

Whether you are on stage or room, you can play your favorite music through headphones and the amplifier, immersed in the world of music. The powerful woofers & tweeters provide a stereo & rich detailed sound, making this ideal for teaching and playing at home.

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