Eastar EST-003 Portable Clarinet Stand

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Country: C.A.

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The 16cm long pointed tower structure can penetrate into the clarinet mouth and Reduce the shaking of the clarinet. The felts on the base and head can protect the bell mouth from abrasion when placing the clarinet.

Four - leg support structure to provide stable support for the stand and avoid tipping. Tiptoes are polished to avoid metal damages and scratches on wooden floors.

In the income-type portable structure, the legs of the stand can be folded up and hidden in the body of the bracket. The reduced volume can't be carried in a barrel box, but it can be put in a cashmere bag and carried out in a backpack.

Made of hard composite, it is waterproof, corrosion resistant, strong in strength and durability, so that the main structure of the trumpet stand will not crack after long-term use.

Package include EST - 003 portable trumpet stand, portable flannel bag x 1

Product Description


Eastar Would Never Disappointed You.

EASTAR ETS-003 Portable Clarinet Stand is an excellent accessory wih cheaply-priced but not low quality.

It has very practical design and excellent manufacturing process.?

1: 4-feet support structure is very strong. You can safely put your Eastar clarinet, Yamaha or Buffet on this clarinet stand.

2: Portable design. To musicals who often go out to perform or study in class ,this is very friendly. They don't have to worry about having nothing to support.

3. Made of very durable composite materials, non-toxic and green composite materials are environmentally friendly and have strong resistance, ensuring that the clarinet stand will not be replaced during the year.

Choose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.


1.Color: Black

2.Type: Portable


4.Material:Synthetic Plastics/Steel

5.Item Weight:0.309lb/0.14kg

6.Package Size£º18£¨L) x 7(W)x 7(H)Inches /7.09(L) x 2.76(W)x 2.76(H)CM? ?

7.Carrying Bag Material: Portable Flannel Bag

Details from Video

Package included

1 x Eastar ETS-003 Portable Clarinet Stand

1 x Portable Flannel Bag

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