Eastar B Flat Clarinet Wind Band ECL-400 Commander Ebonite Silver Keys

SKU: EB076+EB094

Country: U.S.

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  • Sounds of Nature--Eastar ECL-400 is a musical instrument that will never disappoint you. It has a great timbre, excellent tone, and unparalleled musical performance, which born for a professional band.
  • Elegant Appearance-- High-grade silver-plated keys, shiny and noble. High-grade Bakelite body, black shiny tube body is definitely a high-grade musical instrument should look like. Good-looking?clarinet case plays a good role in protection and portability.
  • Practical Design-- Eastar's patented integrated clarinet body, for light blowingor?heavy blowing , air vibration can be fully transmitted to the whole clarinet. Eastar's advanced practice mouthpiece: Matching our?cortical ligature one?can give beginners the best sound control feeling. Boehm?17 key system.The cylindrical bore: strongly and broad tones. The double connections: 62MM and 65MM's mouthpieces?connector.
  • Advanced material-- Special Bakelite for musical instruments : pure timbre, stable vibration, waterproof and durable. Advanceddouble sheep casings?: good air tightness, moderate elasticity and good durability. Needle spring: a memory needle spring made of NAS high carbon steel.Cortical?ligature : the sound is high in wrap and it is easy to play.
  • The Package Contains--?ECL-400 Commander?WIND BAND Clarinet, Advanced Hard Case,Cortical?Ligature,?Metal Ligature,?Eastar 4C Special Practice Mouthpiece, Mouthpiece Protective Cap , Thumb Sheathing, 2 x Mouthpieces?Connector?,Cloth, White Gloves, Joint Grease, Clarinet Swabs, Eastar Wind Band Clarinet Set(3-pics), Hardness?Colorful?B 12-Month Product Warranty.
Product Description

Eastar Would Never Disappointed You.

This clarinet rated Eastar from any point of view, it is spotless: 1 From musical pitch, timbre, to resonance, thanks to Eastar's patented design of clarinet¡¯s body, these requirements are fully met. 2: beautiful silver-plated keys, noble and exquisite, provide a very warm tone to this clarinet. 3: Eastar's mouthpiece suit, professional 4C practice mouthpiece with cortical?ligature?and our excellent wind band clarinet reeds, this mouthpiece suit can give musician the most pure music enjoyment.
Note: 1: The silver-plated keys are easy to react with air and should be maintained carefully after each use. 2. The reeds are consumable product, which should be properly moistened with water before trying, cleaned and dried after use and put into special box, which can help extend the life of the reeds.

Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty?Support.


  1. Color:Silver Keys
  2. Key:Key Of Bb
  3. Level:Intermediate& Professional?Level Instrument(WIND BAND)
  4. Material:Bakelite
  5. Item Weight:9lb/1.8kg
  6. Package Size£º7(L) x 4.8(W)x 12.8(H)Inches/24.7(L) x 12.3(W)x 32.5(H)CM
  7. Carrying Case Material:Pro-deluxe Durable Plush-lined Nylon Covered Light Weight Hard Case.


Package included
  • 1 x?ECL-400 Commander Ebonite silver keys B Flat Wind Band Clarinet£¨Silver Keys£©
  • 1 x?Eastar 4C Special Practice Mouthpiece
  • 1 x?Cortical Ligature
  • 1 x?Metal Ligature
  • 1 x?Mouthpiece Protective Cap
  • 2 x Mouthpieces?Connector?
  • 1?x Thumb Sheath
  • 1 x?Clarinet?Swabs
  • 1 x?Clarinet?Stand
  • 1 x?Eastar Wind Band Clarinet Set(3-pics)
  • 1 x?Joint Grease
  • 1 x Cloth
  • 1 x?White Gloves
  • 1 x?Advanced Pro-deluxe Durable Plush-lined Nylon?Hard Case
  • 1 x?Hardness?Colorful?Box.

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