Eastar EDS-540 Complete Junior Drum Set 18 inch 4 Drum 2 Cymbal Blue/Yellow

SKU: EB0470

Color: Blue
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Product Description Eastar Would Never Disappoint You. Eastar EDS-540 series of full size drum kits, our drum kits are most suitable for intermediate players to practice and play, the drum kits use advanced L-shaped hose suspension. 1: Our 22mm diameter hi-hat stand and hanging cymbal stand are very firm, double-legged, and more competitive than similar products on the market. 2: We have 14inch Hi-Hat and 16inch Straight Cymbal. 3: Throne's bracket is a double-leg plate structure, with a maximum load of 330lb (150kg), which is very firm. 4: Kick drum striking surface: 0.376 mm double drum head, resonance surface: 0.175 mm drum head. Snare drum strike surface: 0.188mm white nubuck leather, resonance surface: 0.075mm transparent leather. Tom strike surface: 0.376mm double drum head, resonance surface: 0.125mm transparent skin. Bass drum striking surface: 0.376 mm double drum head, resonance surface: 0.175 mm.

Eastar EDS-540 full size drum kit with 8 lugs for snare and bass drums, and 6 lugs for Tom drums. All changes are aimed at improving the tone and percussion. Drum shell material: 8 layers of 9mm A+ grade poplar wood, 45°28 proportion of precise cut angle, reflecting the perfect sound, metal bass drum frame, 18*12 bass drum size, warm and strong sound.

EDS-540's drum set adopts advanced L-shaped water pipe suspension, 22-diameter hardware pipe 1.0 thick and firm structure, very convenient to use, drummers can quickly adjust the angle of the tom.The double thickened drum skins bring a bright and clear sound to the drums, and the thickened drum skins have a better feel for hitting, and at the same time, certain Degree of ability to suppress overtones.

Double-legged plated stand: 22 gauge hardware tubing 1.0 thickened. Riveted combination of moderate tightness plating corrosion resistance longer lasting bright as new, complete drum kit with double leg structure, better stability and Practicality. Two-legged drum stool can withstand up to 330lb of weight, premium bottom drum drum drum leg for more stable bottom drum.

Upgraded bottom drum tread hammer: 40+ decay times in a single tread, high sensitivity, large rebound height, very high when stepping to the bottom Smooth, tread hammer mallet head is ideal for continuous strikes.


Size: 18inch 4-drum Set

Suit:More than 10 years old

Drum Material:Poplar

Drum Pattern:Landscape

Bass Drum:18" x 12"

Mounted Tom:10" x 7"

Mounted Snare:14" x 5.5"

Floor Drum:14" x 10"

Crash Cymbal With Cymbal Stand:16"

Hi-hat With Stand:14"

Bass Drum Pedal:Iron

Round Padded Adjustable Drum Throne:Limit weight 150kg

5A wooden drum sticks x 2

Package Size: 70 x 59 x 45 cm



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