Donner Electric Drum Set, Upgraded Mesh Pad Electronic Drums with 329 Sounds, DED-300 8 Piece Electric Drum Kit for Adults with High-Density Bass Drum, Easy Installation&More Stable Steel Support Set

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Country: USA
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About Donner

Since 2012, Donner has been committed to creating new experiences in music and performance. This is what drove Donner as a pioneer of the mini pedals, which brought the joy of musical performance to many people all over the world.

Relying on a strong and efficient R&D team, Donner has gradually become famous for its high-quality and affordable musical instruments and accessories.


Donner DED-300 Electric Drum Set

Donner DED-300 Electric Drum Set has a design that breaks through tradition.

The latest Superlink spiral screen, one-button adjustment of the drum pad, ensures consistent drum pad tension adjustment and brings the best experience for drummers.

The high-efficiency feedback system of the DSP processing chip can quickly process each tap signal. The newly designed Superforce high-density bass drum is close to the striking feel of an acoustic bass drum.

Built in 25 sets of preset and custom drum kits to meet different playing styles. The 8" 10" drum pad and 10" 12" cymbal size meet all percussion requirements.


Size: 32.67in * 22.83in * 9.84 in

Weight: 50.27 lbs

Cymbal material : silicon & plastic

Drumhead material : nylon & foam

Other material: iron Power adapter: 12V/DC , 1A


Package included

ATTENTION: After opening the packing, please check whether it contains all the items immediately.

Rack tube: 345mm*1/400mm*2/550mm*1/700mm*2/800mm*2

Sound module*1

Mesh head drum*4

Cymbal pad*3

Kick drum&pedal*1

Hi-hat pedal*1

Cymbal mount*3

Signal connection line*1

Mount holder*2

Tube holder*7

Cymbal mount holder*2

Drum key*1

Power adapter*1

Instrument cable*1

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