Eastar 20 Inch Drum Set Kit Full Size for Adult Junior Teen 5 Piece with Cymbals Stands Stool Seat Throne and Sticks

SKU: EB0341

Country: USA
Color: Starry White
Service: Extended warranty 1 year for free
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Eastar Would Never Disappoint You.

  • Eastar EDS-580 series full size drums, our drums are best suited for intermediates! Practice, this rack drum is suspended by a universal shaft bullhorn.
  • Our 22mm diameter treadle cymbal bracket and hang cymbal bracket are very solid. legs and is more competitive than similar products on the market.
  • We configured the 14inch Hi-Hat and the The 16inch Straight Cymbal is larger than the Cymbal that comes with the same type of product.
  • Throne's stand is a double leg plate construction with a maximum load capacity of 330lb (150kg) and is very strong.

Bottom Drum Hitting surface: 0.376mm double skin, resonating surface: 0.175mm skin. Snare surface: 0.188mm white frosted skin, resonant surface: 0.075mm transparent skin. Double skin 0.376mm, resonant surface 0.125mm transparent skin. Double skin 0.376 mm, resonant surface 0.175 mm.Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support,Please contact us if you have any problem ,we will rely to you as soon as possible.


Size: 20inch 5-drum Set;Suit: More than 3 years old;

Color: Starry Blue / Starry White;Drum Material:Poplar;

Drum Pattern:Landscape;Bass Drum:20" x 18";

Mounted Tom:12" x 8" ;Mounted Tom:10" x 7" ;

Mounted Snare:14" x 5.5" ;Floor Drum:16" x 14" ;

Cymbal With Cymbal Stand:16";

Hi-hat With Stand:14";Bass Drum Pedal:Iron;

Round Padded Adjustable Drum Throne:Limit weight 150kg;7A wooden drum sticks x 2;

Package Size: 29.5" x 23.6" x 22";Weight:72.7lb.

Package included:
  • 20" x 18" Bass drum x 1

    Mounted Tom:12" x 8"  x 1

    Mounted Tom:10" x 7"  x 1

    Pipe Suspension x 1

    14" x 5.5" Mounted snare x 1

eastar eastar eastar eastar
EDS-180 EDS-350 EDS-480 EDS-580
Set 14'/ 3 Pieces 16'/ 5 Pieces 22'/ 5 Pieces 20'/ 5 Pieces Pro Set
Age Group Under 10 Under 12 Over 12 Over 12
Bass Drum 14'x10' 16'x11' 22'x16' 20'x18'
Tom Drum 8'x6' 8'x6'& 10'x5' 10'x7'& 12'x8' 10'x7'& 12'x8'
Snare Drum 10'x5' 10x6' 14'x5.5' 14'x5.5'
Floor Drum Not Include 12'x10' 16'x16' 16'x16'
Cymbal 10'crash cymbals 10'Hi-hat Cymbal & 12' Straight Cymbal 14.5'Hi-Hat & 16'crash cymbal 14'Hi-hat Cymbal & 16'Straight Cymbal
Color Metallic Sky Blue, black etc Metallic Blue/ Metallic Black/ Metallic Red etc Metallic Silver/ Mirror Black/ Metallic Blue etc Starry Blue/Starry Silver

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