Donner DDP-100 88-key weighted action digital piano, beginner's set with furniture stand, power adapter triple pedal, MP3 function, black

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Donner aim to create new experiences in music and performance. Relying on its strong and efficient research & development team, Donner is resolved to continue to create innovative and excellent instruments which maintain the high quality that inspires professional artists and creators. Just make your own music with Donner digital piano!n Donner DDP-100 88 key full-size heavy hammer weighted key, which truly restores the real feel of the original piano, cultivates your interest in the piano, helps you train a good performance posture, and makes progress in the fastest time. Donner DDP-100 pure tone piano, using AWM sampling, more realistically restored the sound of the original grand piano, can effectively train the ability to distinguish sound.Whether you are on stage or room , you can play your favorite music through headphones and amplifier, immersed in the world of music.
Three Pedals Three Function
  • Soft- make the tone soft
  • Sostenuto- decrease the damper effect by pressing pedal halfway
  • Sustain-continue the previous tone
  • Impressive Sound Quality
  • AWM dynamic samples produce deeper, richer and broader sounds.
  • Adopted DREAM sound source analyzes realistic sound quality, fully presenting tone level- smooth& fine high note, vigorous& rich low note
  • Weighted 88 Key
  • More realistically restored the sound of the original grand piano, can effectively train the ability to distinguish sound.
  • It can effectively train your ability to distinguish sound and develop musical sense and intonation.
  • s s s d
    DEP-10 DEP-20 DDP-100 DDP-300
    Keyboard Semi Weighted Full Weighted Full Weighted GHS
    Size 52.3*11.6*7.2 in 56.69*13.78*9.45 in 53.9*15.7*33 in 53.5*16.5*32 in
    Timbre/Rhythm 8/128 238/200 1/128 10/
    Pedals 1 1 3 3
    Preset songs(demo) 30 100 / 3
    Wight 18.9lb 25.5lb 88lb 85.9lb
    MIDI Connectivity
    Bluetooth / / /
    Piano cover / / Slide cover Slide cover

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