Donner Compressor Pedal Ultimate Comp Guitar Effect Pedal

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The Ultimate Comp is a 100% analog compressor pedal, representing you a warm, studio-like optical compression sound that you can hardly found on other types of compressor pedals.

Inspired By Classics And More

The Ultimate Comp is inspired by the expensive studio rack-mount optical compressor/limiter units, representing you the iconic smooth, warm compression sound.

Easy Controls, Wide Flexibilities

The Ultimate Comp features an easy-touse three-knob tone control:COMP(compression intensity), TONE (brightness) and LEVEL (output volume) for using in different scenarios. Each knob gives you a wide control range.

Two Modes

The Ultimate Comp offers a the 2-way selector for choosing from two sound types for satisfying different musicians: Connections & Controls NORMAL: Providing a neutral optical compressor sound with warmthTREBLE: Providing a brighter optical compressor sound with more bite.

1. DC 9V Jack: For power supply, use a 9-volt DC regulated by AC adapter, 500mA (plug polarity is positive on the barrel and negative in the center).

2. Tone Selector: Switches from two modes: NORMAL: Neutral compression tone. TREBLE: Brighter compression tone.

3. LEVEL Knob: Controls the output volume.

4. TONE Knob: Controls the effect tone.

5. COMP Knob: Controls the intensity of compression.

6. Input Jack: 1/4 mono audio jack, for connecting guitar Output Jack: 1/4 mono audio jack, for connecting to an amplififier.

7. Footswitch : Tap to switch the unit on/off. The LED will lit up when the effect is on.


    • Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
    • Current Consumption: 10mA
    • Dimensions: 42x93.5x52mm
    • Weight: 225g
    Package included
    • 1 x Donner Ultimate Comp Effect Pedal
    • 1 x User's Manua

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