Donner STARRYKEY 25 MIDI Keyboard Controller with Full-sized 25 Keys

SKU: EC3300


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Compact Keyboard with A Full-sized Range

The STARRYKEY 25's 25 velocity-sensitive and Aftertouch keys give you nuanced control, while its semitone and octave switching functions let you access the same range as a full-sized keyboard. The STARRYKEY 25 reduces 25 keys to square inches, providing a compact keyboard that meets all your playing needs!

Small And Compact
The STARRYKEY 25 is thin and portable, making it easy to record your inspiration anytime and anywhere. We've carefully tested and adjusted the button design and placement to ensure accuracy and comfort, freeing you to focus on the music for a smoother performance.
4+4 Freedom without Restrictions
The STARRYKEY 25's 4 assignable knobs and 4 assignable buttons are compatible with all mainstream DAWs, allowing you to dial in the exact instrument tones or FX functions you need. While its pitch and modulation wheels add that little extra control, giving you complete freedom over your sound.
Your Exclusive Lighting Engineer
The STARRYKEY 25 lights up the stage with seven dazzling colors. Use playing instructions to trigger the brilliant lights or set the colors through accompanying software. Allow the lights to make your rhythm doubly dynamic or use them to control the atmosphere on the dance floor.

Extra Compatibility Brings More Possibilities

Along with a MIDI USB connection, the STARRYKEY 25 comes equipped with both MIDI out and pedal interfaces, allowing you to use it as a 25-key piano or output directly to a mixer or synthesizer. The extra compatibility brings a wealth of possibilities just waiting for you to explore!


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Claim Your FREE DAWs
Buying Donner STARRYKEY gets you free melodies code, Click here to claim your free melody after placing your order, or contact our customer service team directly.
EC3300-150X300 midi keyboard midi keyboard
STARRYKEY 25 MIDI Keyboard STARRYPAD MIDI Drum Machine Beat Maker N-32 MIDI Keyboard
Key Style 25 keys / 32 keys
Key Size Full Size / Mini Size
Pad Style 2x4 4x4 /
Backlit Pads /
Number of Knobs 4 2 1
Custom Buttons 4 3 6


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  • Quick question!! What is your preferred software for this unit?? Thanking!!!

    Dear customer, Thank you for your inquiry.
    We would like to inform you that you can find the softwares for the items if you go to the bottom of the home page and go to products manuals. 
    Hope the above helps.

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