Donner 30W Bass AMP Bass Combo Amplifier DBA-30,Bass Guitar Amp with Onboard Clean and Distortion Overdrive Dual Tone Switching

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The DBA-30 is an amazing bass amplifier, with 30 watts of power enough for any small or medium sized performance or practice scene.Considering that bass orientation is easy to lead to complaints of excessive volume in the practice process, it is also equipped with a headphone interface.With the 3.5mmAUX IN interface that can be connected to various digital media, you can immerse yourself IN the thrill of improving your playing skills by wearing headphones.

Size: 380(L)*240(W)*360(H) mm

Rated output power: LF/30W+HF/5W

Input level: INPUT: -36 dBu /470KΩ

Speaker: Woofer 8 inches ,Piezo tweeter 2.5 inches

Frequency response range: 50-20 KHz


Interface: BASS input jack: 6.35mm audio interface,AC input jack: random power cord ,AUX IN jack:3.5mm stereo jack,PHONES jack: 3.5mm stereo headphone jack

Package included:
  • 1 x Donner DBA-30 Bass Amplifier
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Everything you need

DBA-30 has two timbre channels, and a series of acoustic structure design and circuit adjustment are made for the power amplifier, speaker and box in the sound box for the bass timbre frequency band, so that the sound is warm and elastic.The head of sound is full of power without losing movement.In addition to the regular three-segment EQ, there is gain and sharpness for the distortion channel to adjust the distortion timbre.

Combination of woofer and tweeter

Conventional bass amplifiers only have a large woofer to ensure volume, but the DBA-30 has an 8 "woofer and a 2.5" tweeter.The woofer ensures that the mid and low frequencies sound sweet and elastic, and the tweeter provides enough detail to the sound.In order to avoid the tweeter's influence on the bass sound, the DBA-30 also has a special circuit design for the tweeter's sound, ensuring that the sound is not too cold, but has a warm sound while the detail is rich.

Portable and reliable

Even though the DBA-30 is powerful, you can easily take it anywhere with you.The handle made of silica gel and metal is very reliable, even if it is used for a long time, there will be no aging and damage.The DBA-30 also features a metal corner wrap that greatly extends the life of the amplifier, making it a good companion for you on your musical journey.

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