Donner Electric Acoustic Guitar Kit Dreadnought Cutaway Full Size 41 Inch Bundle Set,Built in Preamp Bag Strap Capo Pickguard String Right Hand DAG-1E

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Product Description

Unique Design

Donner unique high quality tuning machines is sealed tuning pegs style, alloy metal made and keep your acoustic guitar playing in tune. Don’t worry about you would loss you tone again. Classical bridge unique design, and it allows you to easily change strings and makes sure the playing tone great. Rosette is concentric rings. 20 Brass Frets with Fret position Marks at 3th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 17th frets on neck and top of fingerboard. Pick up it to join in the growing acoustic guitar fanfare!

High Quality

Donner acoustic guitar with bronze strings that combines the medium gauge bottom strings for increased resonance and volume with light gauge top strings for more comfortable playability and single note bending. The strings starts with the highest quality wrap wire materials, precision drawn and micro-coated on our advanced proprietary machinery. The strings are soft and smooth to touch with a very clear, sweet sound. Get in tune and stay in tune! Enjoy your own fun and colorful life.

Good Sound

The Donner DAG-1CE is a great-looking dreadnought guitar with a big, bold sound and excellent features that represent exceptional value, and features a spruce top with scalloped bracing, mahogany back and sides, chrome tuner keys, a good quality brass strings. The slim neck provide comfortable feel and excellent playability, and the smooth satin finish maximizes resonance for optimal sound quality. The DAG-1 offers warm, vibrant, sound in your hands at a great price, you will like it.


Donner always keeps high requirement in making musical instruments. A high-end acoustic guitar must reach the standard of precise and perfect craftsmanship, sweet sound, comfortable grip and lasting stability. It really needs to pay great effort to reach these standards. Because there are more than 100 processes in making acoustic guitar and DO NOT allow any slightest negligence in every process.

    Material Selection

    Careful screening of wood, and then let them expose to air and dry naturally for three years. Finally, the useless material should be eliminated. And matching the filtering material and send them to dry & wet room, to process them artificially. Make sure the dry and humidity of about 5 degrees then the production of acoustic guitar can begin.

      Hand Feeling Process

      Well hand feeling is the key to a good musical instrument, which is reflected in smooth feeling and suitable thickness handle, ultra comfortable chord distance, gliding fret and comfortable strings. The distance of fingerboard to string is perfect. The handle and the body must be in a horizontal plane strictly when fitting the fingerboard. Use the fret is silk smooth and gliding.


        Cause the acoustic guitar belongs to wooden instrument, its best humidity to store is 50% and the temperature is 25℃. What's more, it should be placed in a cool and dry place instead of the air conditioning room. Please DO NOT expose acoustic guitar under the sun directly for a long time to prevent damage of deformation and sun crack.


          EC983 DAG-1C DAG-1E DAG-1S DAG-1CS
          DAG-1 DAG-1C DAG-1E DAG-1S DAG-1CS
          Size Full-size 41 Inch Full-size 41 Inch Full-size 41 Inch Full-size 41 Inch Full-size 41 Inch
          Hand Orientation Right Handed Right Handed Right Handed Right Handed Right Handed
          Back & Sides Material Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood
          Body Top Material Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood
          Fretboard Material Hardwood Hardwood Hardwood Hardwood Hardwood
          Top Material Spruce Wood Spruce Wood Spruce Wood Spruce Wood Spruce Wood
          Neck Material Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood Mahogany Wood

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