Eastar ERS-31BM Maple Wood Soprano Recorder Set C Key 3 Piece Instrument With Hard Case

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  • Features

    • Sounds Of Nature-- Eastar ERS-31BM is obvious your first choice in professional performance, studying and grading test about recorders. It`s voice is Warm and beautiful, melodious and bright, excellent sound should be thanked for the ex-factory final inspection in which master workers would attune twice at each ERS-31BM ensuring top quality.
    • Beautiful Appearance-- Excellent level maple wood whose grain is natural and generous, no painting , green and non-toxic, very beautiful.
    • Superior Material -- Selected from the north , high grade maple for special musical instrument , high hardness, high strength, light weight, has excellent high frequency vibration ability, proposed to quasi-complement the lake of high frequency towards woody recorders, the sound is bright and filling with penetrating power.
    • Special Design -- Three piece construction: It is advantageous to adjust the position of C hole according to the size of the hand shape.Hand-polished mouthpiece can fit well with your mouth, resonator vibration stably and easy to control, excellent tune, extremely suitable for solo and studio recording. Double holes C-C#, D-D#: Suitable for cromatic scale and skill playing.
    • Package Contents-- Eastar ERS-31BM Maple Wood 3 Piece Soprano C Recorder Baroque Style Fingering, Fingering Chart,  Joint Grease,Cleaning Rod With Hairbrush , Hard case, Hard-packed Colorful Box.12-Month Product Warranty.
  • Product Description

    Eastar Would Never Disappointed You.

    Eastar ERS-31BM Maple Wood is undoubtedly an excellent product. As a leader in the recorders industry, Eastar try our best to build such a recorder because our purpose is to make all of us fall in love with music. The biggest advantage of this wooden recorder is that each one is a competitive product. We will debug every ERS-31BM before it leave the factory to ensure that each one can reach the level of solo performance, you can rest assured and choose our products. However, it should be noted that wood products should not be exposed to prolonged exposure to wet or sunny conditions .Otherwise, wood cracking will affect the timbre. For more details, please scan for our website.

    Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.

  • Specifications
    • Color: Natural
    • Fingering: Baroque StyleWith Patented Mouthpiece
    • Level:Professional& Performance Level Instrument
    • Material: Maple Wood
    • Key:Key Of C
    • Item Weight:77pounds/0.4kg
    • PackageSize: 79(L)X3.86(W) X 2.24(H) inches/ 27.4(L)x 9.8(W) x 5.7(H) CM
    • Carrying CaseMaterial: Hard Plastic
    • UPC:747356961424 


  • Package included
    • 1 x Eastar ERS-31BM Maple 3 Piece Soprano C Recorder(B)Maple Wood
    • 1 x Fingering Chart
    • 1 x Cleaning Rod With Hairbrush
    • 1 x Hard Case
    • 1 x Joint Grease

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