Caleb Toth

Before the Throne of God Above, by Charitie Lees Smith. Any of the Donner pianos would work – the Donner DDP-80, perhaps?

Clay Harryman

What song best expresses love? “As Time Goes By,” from the perfect movie, Casablanca. I would love to hear my daughter play it on a Donner DDP80 digital piano.

Donald Kornfeind

Radio Active by Bad Company played on guitar

David W Cope-Powell

Kiss From a Rose (The version done by No Resolve & Kayla King), on the DMT-100 Electric Guitar.

Jason Craiger6

Dime Bag Darrell playing Cowboy from Hell on ukulele

Steve D

I would love to play Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce with the Donner acoustic electric guitar. Use the Donner circle looper pedal to make a drum part and a baseline. Then just sing away.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErmflaAjIXM Imagine playing like this. Gorgeous.

Joseph Griffith

Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi with Richie Sambora’s guitar parts played on the Donner DST 400.

Jill kelechi

Landslide Fleetwood Mac


Lovesong by the Cure is a great one, and would sound great on a DJP-100 electric guitar.

Bruce Flaherty

Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel. The electric piano sound is perfect in that song.

Mathew Rule

My unusual choice for a beautiful love song is the 84’ tune by Peabo Bryson “If Ever You’re In My Arms Again”. I used to play it on overnight shifts at WTKO and always thought it would be a really lovely song scored for the Piano. I used to play eons ago and didn’t consider restarting until I saw the Donner DDP-80 and totally fell for the elegant design. Growing up around mid-century Scandinavian teak furniture, it is simply the most beautiful piano I have ever seen. Sign me up! It is a shared birthday present between myself and my girlfriend for my 70th birthday on the 12th. Regards and happy tunes to all.

Patrick Paolicelli

I think the ES-1 in PASSION RED is awesome to say “I love YOU!

Craig Adam Sadur

I would say love is summarized by Fleetwood Mac’s you make loving fun. It should be played on a donner digital piano

Chris Christides

I would play “Love Reign O’er Me” on a Donner DJP-1000 guitar with a sunburst finish, to win the love of a beautiful lady.


Coffee by Roy Ayers. The vibraphone would best represent this song but since that’s not an instrument that most people have laying around, I’d say organ.

Brennan Davis

Save Your Love by Great White. Would sound great on any Donner guitar electric or acoustic.

Ishaan Thakur

I think a song that is really romantic is Budapest by George Ezra!


I am an aspiring musician and don’t really have a favorite make or model. I have purchased musical instruments from Donner and have been extremely satisfied with my decisions.

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