Understand Donner 30-Day Price Match Guarantee

As a shopper, it can be quite disheartening to learn that a product you bought for the total price went on sale at the same store after you made the purchase.

So if you’re facing a similar situation for an item bought from Donner, you may wonder, what is Donner’s price adjustment policy?

Notice: Donner in this article only refers [donnerdeal.com], other stores such as Amazon/eBay are not included.

30-Day Price Match Guarantee

Find a lower price after purchase on our store? We promise to refund the price difference.

The 30 Day Price Match Guarantee works in 30 Days after you placed your order, excluding the 30th day. You can claim price protection if you have noticed a price drop on the product (sku) you purchaed on donnerdeal.com. Attach a screenshot of the low-price advertisement you saw or a screenshot of the website price.

Upon verification, we will refund the difference in price or give a gift card for the equivalent difference in price. Note that product prices do not include payment method discounts, such as credit card newcomer offers.

1. Please ensure your order was placed before the price drop to be eligible for price protection.
2. If the product price reduction has ended, your order was placed after the product price reduction ended, it won't qualify for the 30-day price protection.
3. The price difference will be calculated based on the price on the day of the price protection application (The email time you applied for).
4. You can only apply once within 30 days.
5. Please note: Clearance productslimited-time flash sales, and Donnerday promotions are not included in the 30-day price protection.

How Long Do You Have To Adjust Prices At Donner?

If you purchased a product that Donner reduced in price a few days later, you would have 30 days to adjust the price.

The time frame begins on the day of your original purchase. Keep in mind that Donner will likely reject price adjustment requests once 30 days have passed.

Price protection rights may only be exercised once per item.

Which Products Are Covered By Donner's Price Adjustment Policy?

Customers can only adjust the price for completely identical products that are sold at different prices.

So before placing your request, ensure the products you are looking to price adjust are the same color, model, quantity, and SKU.

Donner must still stock the item for it to be price-matched.

Are There Exclusions To Donners Price Adjustment Policy?

Products that are customized, sold by another merchant/platform, or are included in clearance do not qualify for a price match.

Similarly, Donner associates do not generally allow price adjustments of the new price offered by mistake.

How Do You Receive A Price Adjustment At Donner?

If you are hoping to adjust an eligible product, you can contact Donner’s customer service team.

To receive an adjustment, you may need to prove the price you paid and give evidence of the lowered price.

Customers are usually required to provide proof of the new price via ads, screenshots, or photos for validation.

The reduced price needs to be in effect when you apply for price protection. Whether the reduced price is valid will depend on the time of your claim.

Once your request is approved, a store associate can process a refund using your original payment method.

Note that price match requests are only given to those who have explicitly asked.


The Donner price adjustment policy allows customers 30 days from purchase to adjust the price. You must provide the original receipt and proof of the new price for validation.

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