Billy Miles

I would recommend the DST 152 electric guitar. Never owned one, but played it at my local store. Fantastic feel, great sound. At a phenomenal price!

Lynn Lingle

Great giveaway of awesome products!!


I would recommend the DTC-100 guitar for its easy playability and great tone. I’d recommend the DEP-20 for the real feel weighted keys and incredible sound bank and the Donner ukulele. The ukulele has chord charts, a strap, tuner and pics. Everything someone needs to get started.

James Hourihan

I like the DCT 100 electric guitar because I have only owned acoustic and am ready to get loud.

Nicholas Alexander Schneider

The instrument would be relative to what is truly a must in performing, the Donner DWS-3 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System Digital Guitar Bass Audio Transmitter and Receiver.


I recommend the DEP-20 digital piano because it’s a great keyboard at that price point.


I personally like the Donner Tenor Ukulele I think ukuleles as a whole are under represented and the build and sound quality of the instrument is amazing for the price.

Maddy Helmer

I love there pedals. Amazing prices and does what I want them to do perfectly. I recommend the pedals for sure

Bodie DuBreucq

The mic shield was an excellent purchase for a noisy, echo-y room. I like it because it is a solid bang for the buck in that department.

Dominic sylvestro

I love there acoustic guitars. I’ve bought one and I play it all the time. Plays just like my more expensive acoustic guitars but for a fraction of the price.


Dtc 100, cause low price and high quality


Dtc 100, cause low price and high quality

Jason Craiger

The tele guitar really surprised me. I thought I’d have to change the pickups but they are great. One yr and I have not changed a thing but strings!

Mark Magyar

Another instrument of Donner that I do happen to have which I happen to like is that of the Donner DKL-10 Kalimba Thumb Piano 10-Note Basic Mahogany

SKU: EC1076 .

Jack Putnam

I am personally a big fan of the Donner DTC-100 Telecaster style guitar. It works fantastically for its price, and sounds great. It is a great budget guitar and you don’t have to worry about compromising the price for the quality. I am also a big fan of the Tutti-Love chorus pedal. It is also priced very low, but sounds just as good as a higher end guitar pedal!

Mark Magyar

Right now I’m really liking the looks of the Donner DUC-4E Solid Electro-acoustic Ukulele Electric 23 inch Concert Ukulele EQ Mahogany Body
SKU: EC975 .

Lydia C

I love the Donner ukulele! It plays beautifully with a great sound and awesome features, including a built-in tuner and plug-in. I highly recommend Donner for quality musical instruments and equipment!


Recommend the dst-200 electric guitar. Because I like the color of this guitar.


I really like the ddp-80 piano. When I received it, I was very satisfied. It has a very unique shape and color :)

Les Prusnofsky

The Donner electric guitar and electronic keyboard are excellent quality and great value


We love the piano. It has a great sound that will satisfy everyone from the beginner to the expert.

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