Bill Brickus

Tenor Uke. I normally just get things randomly on this site, especially when I want to just learn something new. I’ve gotten a sax, a violin, a uke and more. I want to try the drum sets of all. But if I had the space, I’d have the set already.

Damian Ryan Chevarillo

There service is what i come to buy

Augustine Montez

On a whim I decided to purchase the Donner Bass guitar. I couldn’t think of a reason why not with how affordable it was, and how I’d always wanted to try and learn how to play. A few months in, and now I can play a couple dozen songs and can’t wait to learn more. So kudos to Donner for giving me an easy entry point so I could finally learn how to play my favorite songs.

Fritz Creo

I’m in complete fascination with the Donner B1, it’s an amazing Synthesizer, with so much potential. An one of the best features is the affordability, where most synths will cost you an arm and a leg, this will help you get legitimate sound quality without breaking the bank. Look forward to getting one when in stock, and what else will be coming out in the future. If this Synth is a sound test of what’s to come from Donner, then the future is fairly bright!!!

Matt Blumenfeld

I’ve been really happy with the drum monitor. I use it as an amplifier for many of my instruments because it’s easy to move it around and it sounds great.

Chris Connell

I am very pleased with the Donner “Jet Convolution” mini flanger pedal. The quality of the sound was just what I was looking for—an edge to the signal output without sounding artificial. The pedal footprint works well with my pedal board and the price fit my budget. I highly recommend this pedal.

jason chan

The revecho pedal is great, I keep it in the loop of my amp fairly permanently and love it

Jim Kay

I recommend the pedals because they are well made and sound good. Why pay so much for the big brand names when you can buy 2 for their one?


I learned how to play guitar on an acoustic. 3 years later i decided it was time to buy an electric guitar. After i bought an electric guitar, i quickly realized i needed guitar pedals to achieve cool sounds. A little research on YouTube and all signs point to Donner when it comes to great sounding gear at an affordable price. I own a Donner pedal board, which is solid, a revecho (reverb and delay in 1 pedal), a dark mouse, a circle looper, and i just ordered a morpher distortion pedal that only cost me $12! With a coupon of 300 donner points. And the pedals sound great!

Rock star on a budget, baby 😋 seriously though, those boutique pedals are sooo expensive. I don’t think they are worth the extra HUNDREDS of dollars.

Thank you Donner for making great gear affordable and available to everyone 🙏🏼

Jonathan Chasi

I wanted to play piano. So I picked up the DEP-20. It is very much worth the value. The weighted keys feel nice and you can most definitely feel the heavier keys. It’s been around a year and the DEP-20 has helped improve my piano skills, and I would recommend the DEP-20 to any beginner, possibly even more advanced players who want to play occasionally or play at other places.

Stevie Dee

Purchased Donner’s Blues Drive many moons back, and have now mated it to a modified Chinese made Strat: NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!

Joshua Shreve

I recently purchased the Donner “Seeker Series” DST-400 S-Style guitar and I could not be happier! Right out of the box it played well, and after a quick set up it played like a much more expensive guitar. My local guitar shop was impressed by its quality and tone. I love the green finish and vintage flare, and the humbucker pickup at the bridge really makes for some versatile tones. Absolutely recommend this guitar


I have the Donner Les Paul sunburst. It’s really good for blues in my opinion. I also love the electronics. I have a Vintaverb pedal that was one of the best purchases I’ve made. Looks good, sounds amazing. The eight channel mixer, the power supply with the yellow on it, and the patch cables can’t be beat! Is it normal for the reverb pedal to get a little warm?


Huge fan of all the effect pedals, great quality sound in a super affordable package, easy to fit into even a cramped pedalboard. Biggest thing though is the power supply: super affordable and super reliable. Had mine for years and it’s been a real champ, especially for the low price point. Thing’s been such a trooper, at this point I’d be more surprised if it stopped working than if I end up using it for another 20 years.

Jamie Garrett

Donner pedals are the best bang for the buck ! You can save so much money by buying Donner pedals that do the same things as pedals three times the price.

Bob Martocchio

I really love the Yellow Fall delay pedal as it adds an extremely useful and natural sounding delay that brings my guitar sound to the next level. I use it on virtually every guitar piece I play!


The DED-400 electronic drum set is a lot of fun to play.


The delay guitar pedal is a great value.


The DST-152 electric guitars are great!

Marsha Tyszler

I would recommend ANY Donner product! Who wouldn’t want a good quality instrument and gear at an affordable price?! Here are a few highlights — scroll down for my new fave product:

— I love the look of the guitars, and there is a model that produces the tones of most popular guitars. I hope Donner will eventually offer 24.75” scale length necks for both acoustic and electric models.

— The Donner bass guitar looks really nice. I am hoping to get one to begin learning bass. I hope Donner will add an option with both precision and Jazz pickups.

— Donner pedal boards are really durable, and it’s great that they come in a variety of sizes with a travel bag.

— I think my favorite is the new silent drum kit because it is truly innovative. I never saw anything like it, even from high end brands! Anyone with neighbors in close proximity and/or other people living in the same house would surely appreciate the lack of late night banging, lol.


Ferry C

I own DST-100 electric guitar, but I would recommend DST-152 because of the guitar’s price/value. If you’re a beginner and considering DST-100, the DST-152 seems to be a better guitar for just a little bit more. Still need to review it, though.

kevin merwin

As a long-time acoustic guitar strummer who recently got into electrics, I found the selection of pedals to be great, low-cost products. The Noise Killer noise gate and Echo Square got me off to a good start in exploring sonic possibilities. The Echo Square has seven— count ‘em, seven!— different modes. That’s just a lot of options to play around with. What fun. I have no other products to compare them to, but the quality seems great. The cable packages are also inexpensive, good solutions to pedalboard needs.
The acoustic drum packages are very attractive to me, but being an apartment-dweller, space and volume constraints have me weighing the upsides and downsides. What would be really great is if Donner offered djembe-style drums or conga-style drums. That would allow me to record with them and store them in a small space.

Steve D.

I actually have bought a bunch of their instruments and equipment. My first piece of equipment was a donner ded-200, which is a fantastic starter drum kit.
I played many e-drum sets at my local stores and guitar centers. While those kits have a bunch of settings, this kit has the bare bones to get you started playing, playing well, and playing daily. I love to slam my sticks against the drum heads, the cymbals, and the high hat. I have already even gone through 3 sets of sticks on them. But this is good old reliable. It’s essentially indestructible and has 16 predetermined kit sounds. Which allows me to rock to different styles of songs.
The set connects to all midi interfaces and I can program what sound I want for each component. I can mute the cymbals, do rimshots, play at different sound intensities, wear my headphones to listen to them, connect my music to them so it plays both the song and the drums, connect them to an amp, or just to a little old speaker that rattles every time the bass drum hits. It’s insane how good they are, especially at their price. Kinda feels like I scammed donner…

I also have their 80-watt drum amp. The amp is a total legend, an absolute beast, and a workhorse of a machine. I have my electric guitar connected to it, my drums connected to it, my computer connected to it, and my phone’s bluetooth connected to it. I can level the volume intensity of each instrument/sound coming out of it. It’s wonderful.
The base is resounding and kicks like a mule. The highs are sharp and true to their pitch. The mid-tones don’t get drowned out by either end of the spectrums, which is amazing considering other amps disregard their mid-tones and suffer from the high and low-end frequencies being over-boosted or increased in volume to make sharper.

I wish I could include photos, but after freaking out the first time I turned on the amp and listened to music wayyyyy too loud, I decided to test the sound frequency and volume noise level. I wanted to make sure I got the best bang for my buck (and decide the apt noise level so I wouldn’t bother my neighbors). I hooked up an electroscope I have to a VU meter (to check loudness in volume) and a microphone (to check the frequency spectrum). I generated different sinusoidal and square signals through Matlab and checked the whole audible frequency range, from 20 Hz to 22k Hz (their advertised and recommended is 40Hz to 20k Hz). The amp swept through the frequencies just fine. It stayed at the same volume level through the whole frequency sweep, so we could deduce that there wasn’t a boosted frequency range (which low-tier amps and speakers do). My friend and I were surprised that even after combining the low, mid, and high-frequency sounds their output stayed true (+- 3hz in the mid-range). Which was spectacular considering we have done this to other more expensive amps and their mid-tones would range to having a +-20 Hz deviation from the true tone, at strenuous combinations. We also tested their equalizer and it functioned like a low pass, band pass, or high pass filter (or any combination of the three). It didn’t completely filter out the ranges but it made it so that they were inaudible to the human ear concerning the other sounds.
Needless to say, this speaker passed my/our test. I almost even returned it the first day after being scared I would always play it too loud. It’s an absolute workhorse.

Anyway, I’ve typed too much. To briefly summarize my review. It feels like I have scammed the company. I always feel like I have paid way too little for such wonderful quality products. I’ve had no issues with any of the 5 or 6 things I’ve bought from them. Still, I love their low prices.

Robert Rice

Nice giveaway to start the summer off.

Billy Miles

I would recommend the DST 152 electric guitar. Never owned one, but played it at my local store. Fantastic feel, great sound. At a phenomenal price!

Lynn Lingle

Great giveaway of awesome products!!


I would recommend the DTC-100 guitar for its easy playability and great tone. I’d recommend the DEP-20 for the real feel weighted keys and incredible sound bank and the Donner ukulele. The ukulele has chord charts, a strap, tuner and pics. Everything someone needs to get started.

James Hourihan

I like the DCT 100 electric guitar because I have only owned acoustic and am ready to get loud.

Nicholas Alexander Schneider

The instrument would be relative to what is truly a must in performing, the Donner DWS-3 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System Digital Guitar Bass Audio Transmitter and Receiver.


I recommend the DEP-20 digital piano because it’s a great keyboard at that price point.


I personally like the Donner Tenor Ukulele I think ukuleles as a whole are under represented and the build and sound quality of the instrument is amazing for the price.

Maddy Helmer

I love there pedals. Amazing prices and does what I want them to do perfectly. I recommend the pedals for sure

Bodie DuBreucq

The mic shield was an excellent purchase for a noisy, echo-y room. I like it because it is a solid bang for the buck in that department.

Dominic sylvestro

I love there acoustic guitars. I’ve bought one and I play it all the time. Plays just like my more expensive acoustic guitars but for a fraction of the price.


Dtc 100, cause low price and high quality


Dtc 100, cause low price and high quality

Jason Craiger

The tele guitar really surprised me. I thought I’d have to change the pickups but they are great. One yr and I have not changed a thing but strings!

Mark Magyar

Another instrument of Donner that I do happen to have which I happen to like is that of the Donner DKL-10 Kalimba Thumb Piano 10-Note Basic Mahogany

SKU: EC1076 .

Jack Putnam

I am personally a big fan of the Donner DTC-100 Telecaster style guitar. It works fantastically for its price, and sounds great. It is a great budget guitar and you don’t have to worry about compromising the price for the quality. I am also a big fan of the Tutti-Love chorus pedal. It is also priced very low, but sounds just as good as a higher end guitar pedal!

Mark Magyar

Right now I’m really liking the looks of the Donner DUC-4E Solid Electro-acoustic Ukulele Electric 23 inch Concert Ukulele EQ Mahogany Body
SKU: EC975 .

Lydia C

I love the Donner ukulele! It plays beautifully with a great sound and awesome features, including a built-in tuner and plug-in. I highly recommend Donner for quality musical instruments and equipment!


Recommend the dst-200 electric guitar. Because I like the color of this guitar.


I really like the ddp-80 piano. When I received it, I was very satisfied. It has a very unique shape and color :)

Les Prusnofsky

The Donner electric guitar and electronic keyboard are excellent quality and great value


We love the piano. It has a great sound that will satisfy everyone from the beginner to the expert.

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