Upgrade Your Campus Band in the Back to School Season with Donner Music

Back-to-school was down as a search topic last year, as Covid-19 hit hard and kept millions of students away from schools. However, as the pandemic gets under control, we are expecting an even more welcoming back-to-school season.

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Returning to school after the summer break doesn't just mean new courses and assignments, it also means that you can resume your favorite campus activities: reading clubs, sports teams, and bands.

 There is no doubt that college bands are fun and popular on campus, and it's a good way to bond with friends. There are many ways for you to enjoy school music better this semester: invite new members, practice new songs, and upgrade your instruments. school band

This is where we can jump in for help. Donner has gathered some of the most popular band instruments with back-to-school season discounts for you to upgrade your band without ridiculous costs.

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Drum Kits

Drum beats are the soul of band music. Donner Music has always been loved by campus drummers through our Eastar brand, the brand that is dedicated to the young blood. Eastar provides some affordable drum sets with uncompromised sound quality and functionality.

Donner Eastar EDS-350 acoustic drum set

 Donner Eastar EDS-150 Acoustic Drum Set

16-inch full drum set, only $229.99.

18 inch acoustic drum set Eastar brand

 Eastar 18-inch Acoustic Drum Set

18-inch full drum set, only $299.99.


Digital Pianos and Electronic Keyboards

Digital pianos and electronic keyboards are definitely the instrument to add if your band still doesn't have one. In its lightweight and compact body, an electronic keyboard can bring a lot of textures and patterns to your performance.


portable digital piano


Various piano sounds

Digital pianos are a great alternative to traditional pianos, especially for small band rooms and dormitories. Well-built digital pianos and keyboards can almost perfectly replicate piano sounds. With fully-weighted or semi-weighted keys, they can also provide a playing experience very close to the hammer system on an acoustic piano.

Digital pianos are not only good for compact performance, but they can also make a great practice instrument for piano learners. Thanks to the small size, students can even bring them home or out on a trip. Eastar EP-120 keyboard

Eastar EP-120 Portable 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

A highly portable digital piano with touchscreen and sustain pedal, only for $219.99


Build-in Mixers

Donner keyboards feature built-in mixers that allow you to edit audio tracks and creative parts instantly, such as percussion track volume, bass track volume, and dual-tone track volume.

donner electronic keyboard for sale


Donner DEK-610P 61-Key Electronic Keyboard 

A full-size keyboard with force-sensitive keys, built-in MIDI mixers, and an LCD display, only for $99.99


More connectivity

Compared with acoustic pianos, keyboards enable more connectivity in addition to their built-in high-definition speakers, including Bluetooth speakers and headphones, 3.5mm earphones, and audio-jack speakers. The USB ports also allow for numerous external plugins. You can expand your audio matrix unlimitedly.

digital piano with headphone ports



Upright Pianos

Pianos might not be an ordinary instrument on a rock stage, yet they can add an amazing addition to the show. Imagine a stage like Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddie Mercury's piano solo is a classic.

Bohemian Rhapsody live aid 1985 (Bohemian Rhapsody, Live Aid 1985, Photo from YouTube Channel My Queen Collection)

Using piano on a band stage is more than just for stage effect. The melody of a piano can enrich the texture of the whole rock show. However, not all stages have the space for a classic acoustic piano. That's where upright pianos are needed.

Upright pianos are much smaller than a classic piano, but the touch of keys and the quality of sound are not compromised. With proper recording accessories, an upright digital piano can produce unbelievably crispy sounds from its company body.


donner upright piano DDP-100S

Donner DDP-100S Upright Digital Piano

An upright digital piano with 88 weighted keys and graded hammer actions, plus 3 pedals and a piano bench, only for $859.99


Electric Guitars and Pedals

We are not assuming that your band doesn't have guitars. But when you decide to upgrade your band, guitars and pedals seem to be a good breakthrough.

That's because many beginners could fall short when it comes to choosing the right guitar. Often the price of a guitar will compromise its functionalities, such as the class of body woods.

In other occasions, some beginners, without a lot of knowledge about guitars, can also choose less ideal guitars. For example, when someone prefers crispy sounds, his humbucker pickups will be a little disappointing.

Luckily, Donner Music's Back to School Sale provides a great chance for students to buy new electric guitars without breaking the bank. You can also find a range of pedals to expand the sound effect range and a more diverse show.

donner dpb-510 electric bass guitar for sale

Donner DPB-510 Electric Bass Guitar Kit

A 4-string full-size PB-style bass guitar, with gig bag, strap, cable, and free online lessons, ideal for beginners, just for $169.99.


If those prices aren't lucrative enough, there is a limited-time coupon code EAS20 for you to enjoy a 20% discount on the already great bargains. Don't miss it!

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