Top Picks in Donner's Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2023

Attention, music enthusiasts and aspiring maestros! Brace yourselves for the most-awaited extravaganza of savings and melodies—the Donner Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale! Get ready to strike the right chord and harmonize your passion for music with unbelievable discounts sitewide. From Nov. 24th to Nov. 27th, immerse yourself in the top savings of the year, exclusively at Donner.

Discover Unbeatable Discounts:

Prepare to elevate your musical journey with a magnificent 25% off sitewide, unlocking savings of up to $200 on your favorite musical instruments and accessories. It's time to turn your musical dreams into reality while securing incredible deals on top-notch instruments.

Recommended Must-Haves:

TOP PICK: DDP-80 Digital Piano

Feel the symphony of the keys beneath your fingertips with the DDP-80 Digital Piano. Experience an astounding $175 off this elegant 88-key hammer action weighted keyboard. Its compact design, coupled with the French DREAM Powerful Sound Source and 2x15W Stereo Surround Speakers, delivers an unparalleled musical experience. Choose from two exquisite colors, including the new arrival—Walnut Wood.


RUNNER-UP: HUSH-I Silent Acoustic Guitar

Embrace the art of silent play with the HUSH-I Silent Acoustic Guitar. Ideal for travel and featuring a headless design, this mini-sized guitar comes with a remarkable $60 off. Crafted from Mahogany or Maple, it offers three stunning color options—Black, Natural, and Sunburst—while ensuring a prolonged playing time with its large battery capacity.



Tailored for beginners, the DDP-100 Digital Piano is a musical marvel, now available at a $175 discount. Boasting an 88-key hammer action weighted keyboard and classic piano design, it delivers exceptional sound through its Dual 20W Powerful Stereo Surround Speakers. Choose from two elegant colors—Black or White—to complement your style.


ESSENTIAL SYNTHESIZER: Essential B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer

For those seeking innovative beats and rhythms, the Essential B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer is a steal with $32.5 off. Its beginner-friendly interface, 128 sequence presets, and MIDI IN/OUT interface unleash creativity. The silicone tactile keyboard with backlighting adds to the aesthetic appeal.


BEGINNER'S PICK: DST-100 ST Style Electric Guitar Kit

Perfect for beginners, the DST-100 ST Style Electric Guitar Kit offers a complete package for budding guitarists. Featuring a 39-inch solid body, HSS Pickup, and a full set including a mini amplifier, this guitar kit is a steal for your musical journey.



Experience the Donner HUSH-X Electric Guitar Kit, an epitome of portability and versatility. Weighing a mere 4.4 pounds with a compact, headless design, this guitar is perfect for musicians on the move. Its tonal flexibility shines through the 3-way switch, volume and tone controls, and active/passive circuit for diverse sounds. Crafted for comfort, the wider stands and asymmetrical neck minimize wrist strain during prolonged play. Enjoy precise tuning stability with the innovative headless tuning system and string locking technology. Plus, revel in up to 50 hours of uninterrupted practice with its built-in 9V dry cell battery. Effortless assembly completes this must-have set for any musician.


Grab Your Melodic Marvels:

Make the most of this Black Friday Cyber Monday sale and adorn your musical repertoire with instruments that inspire and elevate your craft. Rush to Donner’s online store from Nov. 24th to Nov. 27th to unlock top-tier savings and bring home your musical companion.

Don't miss out on this musical extravaganza! Visit Donner today and seize the top savings of the year.


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